Sunday, July 09, 2006

Self-Hypnosis Techniques

Hypnosis can be used for a host of self-improvement issues, such as an aid to stop smoking, motivation to stay on a diet, raising one’s self-esteem, attracting prosperity, enhancing sports performance, and conquering fears and phobias. This can be accomplished with the aid of a trained hypnotherapist, or through self-hypnosis. (You can also record your own hypnosis script if it's difficult for you to maintain focus).

A simple formula for self-hypnosis would go as follows:

1) Sit comfortably in a chair, with your feet flat on the floor and your hands resting comfortably in your lap. Close your eyes.

2) Take three deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth.

3) Then, tell yourself to imagine relaxation drifting down over your body, starting with your head and working down. Imagine the relaxation drifting down over your eyes, your cheeks, drifting down over your jaw. Imagine your neck and throat as relaxed. Imagine every muscle just letting go. Then imagine the relaxation drifting down over your arms, down into your hands and fingers. Tell yourself you might feel a tingling feeling in your hands as your hands relax. Your hands might also feel warm. Then imagine the relaxation drifting down your upper back, to the middle back, down your lower back and down into your hips. Imagine the relaxation drifting downward over your chest, your solar plexus, down into your stomach. Then imagine the relaxation moving down into your thighs, down over your legs and into your feet and toes. Now imagine all the tensions exiting through your toes and relaxation taking hold in your body.

4) Tell yourself your entire body is relaxed, but that you are going to go deeper. Count down from 5 to 0, telling yourself you’re getting more relaxed with each breath. At the count of 0, tell yourself “deep sleep,” adding “each and every time I suggest deep sleep to myself for the purposes of hypnosis, I will sleep deeply and soundly to this deep state or deeper.” (This will help condition you for deeper relaxation in the future).

5) At this point imagine yourself at the top of a staircase. Tell yourself it’s a safe, strong staircase with strong railings. There are 21 steps down, and with each step you will get deeper and deeper into relaxation. Before taking that first step down, notice a backpack sitting at the top of the stairs. In the backpack contains all your concerns of the days, worries or self-doubts. Imagine placing them in the backpack, as you no longer need them. Now take the first step down and imagine growing more and more relaxed with each step down. Count down from 21 to 0, and with the count of 0 repeat “deep sleep,” adding “each and every time I suggest deep sleep to myself for the purposes of hypnosis, I will sleep deeply and soundly to this deep state or deeper.”

6) Now tell yourself you are giving your subconscious positive suggestions. They can be suggestions such as “each and every day my confidence grows.” Or “every day, in every way, my health, happiness and prosperity increases.” Tailor the suggestions to your specifics needs, remembering to always word them in the positive. For example, “I am no longer poor” would not be a good suggestion. “My prosperity increases every day” would be a good suggestion. Also, try to word the suggestion in the present tense, which is more effective than future tense.

7) After you have given yourself your suggestions, tell yourself you are going to count yourself up from 0 to 5, and at the count of 5 you will be refreshed, clear thinking and energized. Count yourself up from 0 to 5, and at 5 tell yourself “eyes open, wide awake” and give yourself a few moments to re-orient yourself to the waking state.

The key to mastering self-hypnosis is to practice, so you might want to make that one of your first suggestions. And, don’t be discouraged if the changes aren’t instantaneous. Some people do see quick results, but for many of us, change can take weeks or, perhaps, months. If you find after months of practicing hypnosis that the changes aren’t happening, dig deeper to see what’s holding you back. You may have to alter your suggestions once you discover the stumbling blocks.


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