Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs

I mentioned in the post on hypnosis CDs that there are some issues where a personal CD or visit to a hypnotherapist is preferable to a mass-produced CD. I gave as an example insomnia. Add weight loss to the list of issues which responds better to a more personal approach.

Again, I have used hypnosis CDs and have enjoyed some, but the issues surrounding weight loss are so varied and complicated that a mass-produced CD may not address the specific reasons people gain weight. For some, overeating is a habit that needs to be broken. For others it's a lack of knowledge of proper nutrition. And, for others, weight gain may represent a "protection" against perceived threats (example: a person might gain weight to keep others at a distance and avoid intimacy).

Can someone utilize mass-produced in their weight-loss efforts? Certainly. You might buy a CD about self-acceptance, or one where you increase your metabolism. You could also use a CD for motivation to exercise more. However, at some point your subconscious may resist, and that resistance is best handled on a personal level by an objective hypnotherapist.

One final note: with weight loss issues, it's best to incorporate a conscious, behavior modification program (like Weight Watchers) in addition to hypnosis. Hypnosis can be a great tool for weight loss, but is most effective when used in conjunction with other weight loss support systems.


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