Monday, May 29, 2006

Hypnosis CDs to Quit Smoking

Do hypnosis CDs to stop smoking really work? As with all issues you wish to resolve through hypnosis, they certainly can work if you're motivated to quit smoking.

Some people know they should stop smoking, and are nagged into a stop-smoking program by friends, spouses and partners. However, being nagged into quitting smoking is not motivation enough for you to stop. You really have to want to. So, when you're ready to stop smoking, going to a hypnotherapist or purchasing a hypnosis CD to quit smoking can be quite effective.

I believe it's always best to actually see a live hypnotherapist (because they may be able to take you to a deeper level of hypnosis) or have a personalized CD made, but if that's not possible, a mass-produced hypnosis CD can still work. If at all possible, check out the website of the CD creator and see if they have the suggestions contained in the CD or tape. (Suggestions are statements such as "from this day forward I am a non-smoker" which are repeated to you while in trance to reinforce an idea in your subconscious) If the suggestions are spelled out on the website, see if they resonate with you. If they don't, try another CD author. It's always good to have the suggestions as close to your personal situation as possible.

While using hypnosis to quit smoking, it's also a good idea to do things in your conscious life to change your smoking routine. For example, if your time to smoke is first thing in the morning while having coffee in your favorite chair, then you would switch chairs, maybe even skip the coffee (if that's possible). If you hold the cigarette in your right hand, hold it in your left hand. It's also a good idea while quitting smoking to switch brands of cigarettes, preferably to a brand you don't like. This way the pleasurable habit of smoking is beginning to change into something less pleasurable or familiar.

How long does it take for hypnosis to rid one of the habit of smoking? That's hard to say because it depends on the individuals, how much they smoke, how long they've smoked, the reasons they smoke, and how motivated they are. If you've been heavily smoking for many years, it's good to consult with your doctor as you quit. A heavy smoker might do best doing so gradually and not cold turkey.

If you're going to a hypnotherapist for personalized sessions to quit smoking, and are highly motivated to quit, it's possible to quit after one hypnosis session. Some people require a gradual slowdown, with up to six sessions spread out over six weeks. With each session you're smoking less and less. With a hypnosis CD that's not personalized to you, the length of time before you quit smoking depends on your motivation and your regular use of the CDs. It's good to listen to any hypnosis CD once a day for at least three weeks in order to see results.


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