Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hypnosis CDs - Do They Really Work?

Let me just say that I love hypnosis tapes and CDs. Of course, it depends on the person doing the tape/CD, but by and large I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve used. As a certified hypnotherapist, I do favor going to a real live hypnotist or hypnotherapist, because the hypnotherapist can tailor the hypnosis to the individual needs and style of each person, and monitor if the person needs to go deeper into a state of hypnosis. A real live hypnotherapist can also use interactive techniques that allow the client to communicate what’s going on in their trance state, thus aiding in the hypnotic suggestions.

However, in a pinch, hypnosis CDs and tapes can be quite beneficial, particularly if the person is looking for general stress relief or relaxation. For more specific issues, say, insomnia, it is helpful to know the reasons for the insomnia (is it job stress, excessive worry, change in sleep habits) so that suggestions can be tailored to the individual (including the words the person uses to describe the insomnia).

What should someone look for in a hypnosis CD or tape? Ideally it should be tailor made, either in a hypnosis session, or made later by a hypnotist whom you’ve already established a rapport. But, some mass-produced ones can be just fine. It’s good if you can find out the suggestions used on the recordings before you buy. That way you can see if the suggestions resonate with you. If you can listen to a sample and hear the hypnotists’ voice, that would be good as well. There are just some voices you might not like to listen to during hypnosis.

One thing you should keep in mind regarding hypnosis recordings: if you’ve chosen a hypnosis CD for a specific purpose (such as losing weight or insomnia) when they’ve done they’re job, stop using them. If you use a CD or tape for too long of a period it can reinforce to your subconscious that you still have a problem. That’s one reason why going to an individual hypnotist or hypnotherapist can be helpful; the hypnotherapist can adapt any sessions or recordings to your changing needs.


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