Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hypnosis and Childhood Memories

Question: Can you utilize hypnosis to bring up childhood memories?

Answer: Well, sure you can, but don't take everything that comes up literally. Hypnosis is a great tool for influencing your behavior. You can use hypnosis for motivation to stop smoking, to exercise, etc. You can even use hypnosis to help attract certain things to your life (by changing your energy, or vibration). You can even use hypnosis to suggest to your body to heal.

However, hypnosis can be an unreliable tool to get to the truth about a past event. That's why it's generally not admissible in court. Can you recall past events, say help you remember a crime you saw being committed and recall certain aspects of it? Yes. But, will this recollection be totally accurate? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. That's why you should be cautious about any information regarding past events which come up during hypnosis, especially events which occurred during childhood.

Have you ever remembered an event which occurred during your childhood only to find out later it was quite different that what you remembered? That's because of perception. As a child you may perceive things differently than the way they really were. And, these perceptions become so ingrained in your mind that you swear that's the way they were.

Images which come up during hypnosis can be quite literal, or they can be like the images which come up during dreams. They represent something. The danger is in taking these images literally, whether in a dream or if they come up during hypnosis and reinforcing these images in your subconscious, thereby suggesting to yourself that they are in fact true. You want to make sure you don't implant in your mind a memory of something that never happened.


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