Monday, May 29, 2006

Hypnosis CDs to Quit Smoking

Do hypnosis CDs to stop smoking really work? As with all issues you wish to resolve through hypnosis, they certainly can work if you're motivated to quit smoking.

Some people know they should stop smoking, and are nagged into a stop-smoking program by friends, spouses and partners. However, being nagged into quitting smoking is not motivation enough for you to stop. You really have to want to. So, when you're ready to stop smoking, going to a hypnotherapist or purchasing a hypnosis CD to quit smoking can be quite effective.

I believe it's always best to actually see a live hypnotherapist (because they may be able to take you to a deeper level of hypnosis) or have a personalized CD made, but if that's not possible, a mass-produced hypnosis CD can still work. If at all possible, check out the website of the CD creator and see if they have the suggestions contained in the CD or tape. (Suggestions are statements such as "from this day forward I am a non-smoker" which are repeated to you while in trance to reinforce an idea in your subconscious) If the suggestions are spelled out on the website, see if they resonate with you. If they don't, try another CD author. It's always good to have the suggestions as close to your personal situation as possible.

While using hypnosis to quit smoking, it's also a good idea to do things in your conscious life to change your smoking routine. For example, if your time to smoke is first thing in the morning while having coffee in your favorite chair, then you would switch chairs, maybe even skip the coffee (if that's possible). If you hold the cigarette in your right hand, hold it in your left hand. It's also a good idea while quitting smoking to switch brands of cigarettes, preferably to a brand you don't like. This way the pleasurable habit of smoking is beginning to change into something less pleasurable or familiar.

How long does it take for hypnosis to rid one of the habit of smoking? That's hard to say because it depends on the individuals, how much they smoke, how long they've smoked, the reasons they smoke, and how motivated they are. If you've been heavily smoking for many years, it's good to consult with your doctor as you quit. A heavy smoker might do best doing so gradually and not cold turkey.

If you're going to a hypnotherapist for personalized sessions to quit smoking, and are highly motivated to quit, it's possible to quit after one hypnosis session. Some people require a gradual slowdown, with up to six sessions spread out over six weeks. With each session you're smoking less and less. With a hypnosis CD that's not personalized to you, the length of time before you quit smoking depends on your motivation and your regular use of the CDs. It's good to listen to any hypnosis CD once a day for at least three weeks in order to see results.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs

I mentioned in the post on hypnosis CDs that there are some issues where a personal CD or visit to a hypnotherapist is preferable to a mass-produced CD. I gave as an example insomnia. Add weight loss to the list of issues which responds better to a more personal approach.

Again, I have used hypnosis CDs and have enjoyed some, but the issues surrounding weight loss are so varied and complicated that a mass-produced CD may not address the specific reasons people gain weight. For some, overeating is a habit that needs to be broken. For others it's a lack of knowledge of proper nutrition. And, for others, weight gain may represent a "protection" against perceived threats (example: a person might gain weight to keep others at a distance and avoid intimacy).

Can someone utilize mass-produced in their weight-loss efforts? Certainly. You might buy a CD about self-acceptance, or one where you increase your metabolism. You could also use a CD for motivation to exercise more. However, at some point your subconscious may resist, and that resistance is best handled on a personal level by an objective hypnotherapist.

One final note: with weight loss issues, it's best to incorporate a conscious, behavior modification program (like Weight Watchers) in addition to hypnosis. Hypnosis can be a great tool for weight loss, but is most effective when used in conjunction with other weight loss support systems.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hypnosis CDs - Do They Really Work?

Let me just say that I love hypnosis tapes and CDs. Of course, it depends on the person doing the tape/CD, but by and large I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve used. As a certified hypnotherapist, I do favor going to a real live hypnotist or hypnotherapist, because the hypnotherapist can tailor the hypnosis to the individual needs and style of each person, and monitor if the person needs to go deeper into a state of hypnosis. A real live hypnotherapist can also use interactive techniques that allow the client to communicate what’s going on in their trance state, thus aiding in the hypnotic suggestions.

However, in a pinch, hypnosis CDs and tapes can be quite beneficial, particularly if the person is looking for general stress relief or relaxation. For more specific issues, say, insomnia, it is helpful to know the reasons for the insomnia (is it job stress, excessive worry, change in sleep habits) so that suggestions can be tailored to the individual (including the words the person uses to describe the insomnia).

What should someone look for in a hypnosis CD or tape? Ideally it should be tailor made, either in a hypnosis session, or made later by a hypnotist whom you’ve already established a rapport. But, some mass-produced ones can be just fine. It’s good if you can find out the suggestions used on the recordings before you buy. That way you can see if the suggestions resonate with you. If you can listen to a sample and hear the hypnotists’ voice, that would be good as well. There are just some voices you might not like to listen to during hypnosis.

One thing you should keep in mind regarding hypnosis recordings: if you’ve chosen a hypnosis CD for a specific purpose (such as losing weight or insomnia) when they’ve done they’re job, stop using them. If you use a CD or tape for too long of a period it can reinforce to your subconscious that you still have a problem. That’s one reason why going to an individual hypnotist or hypnotherapist can be helpful; the hypnotherapist can adapt any sessions or recordings to your changing needs.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Hypnosis and Childhood Memories

Question: Can you utilize hypnosis to bring up childhood memories?

Answer: Well, sure you can, but don't take everything that comes up literally. Hypnosis is a great tool for influencing your behavior. You can use hypnosis for motivation to stop smoking, to exercise, etc. You can even use hypnosis to help attract certain things to your life (by changing your energy, or vibration). You can even use hypnosis to suggest to your body to heal.

However, hypnosis can be an unreliable tool to get to the truth about a past event. That's why it's generally not admissible in court. Can you recall past events, say help you remember a crime you saw being committed and recall certain aspects of it? Yes. But, will this recollection be totally accurate? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. That's why you should be cautious about any information regarding past events which come up during hypnosis, especially events which occurred during childhood.

Have you ever remembered an event which occurred during your childhood only to find out later it was quite different that what you remembered? That's because of perception. As a child you may perceive things differently than the way they really were. And, these perceptions become so ingrained in your mind that you swear that's the way they were.

Images which come up during hypnosis can be quite literal, or they can be like the images which come up during dreams. They represent something. The danger is in taking these images literally, whether in a dream or if they come up during hypnosis and reinforcing these images in your subconscious, thereby suggesting to yourself that they are in fact true. You want to make sure you don't implant in your mind a memory of something that never happened.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hypnosis: What it's Not!

Someone asked me the other day if it was possible to hypnotize yourself to become a genius.

I said yes and no. If you’re a genius not living up to your full potential, then yes, you can hypnotize yourself to be the genius you truly are. If you’re not a genius, you’re out of luck.

In a nutshell, that’s what hypnosis can and cannot do. It can help you improve on what you already have. It cannot give you a talent you don’t already possess in some measure. If you are already an athlete, hypnosis can help you become a better athlete. If you sit on the sofa all day and need motivation to go out and get some exercise, hypnosis can help you get that motivation. But, don’t expect to become an all-star runner if you absolutely have no ability in that area.

Can hypnosis make someone rob a bank? Yes – if that’s what he or she was going to do anyway. But, for most of us non-bank robbing individuals, hypnosis cannot make us go out and rob a bank against our wills

Hypnosis, really, is about you taking control of your life.

If there’s anyone out there who would like to share their thoughts on hypnosis and other “mind over matter” topics, feel free to share your thoughts (from those who’ve been hypnotized to other hypnotists/hypnotherapists).

Monday, May 01, 2006

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